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CofCC Statement of Principles

“The CofCC is the country’s most effective conservative activist group.
– Dr. Sam Francis
, (RIP 1947 – 2005)
Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Former Writer for the Washington Times,
Former Editor of the Citizens Informer, Author of the CofCC Statement of Principles.

Sam Francis Column of CofCCgordon_baum.jpgRead what Sam Francis had to say about the Council of Conservative Citizens in this column published in the Washington Times.

Gordon Baum, Esq. is the CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens. He is a St. Louis attorney, a Vietnam Veteran, and was the Missouri state campaign leader for George Wallace for president. He has received the highest state awards from three different states. He is an Arkansas Fellow Traveler and an Honorary Colonel in the Alabama and Georgia State Militias.

Check out this interview with Gordon Baum from Media Bypass magazine. Gordon Baum describes the “Art of Cultural Activism.”

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