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Kansas City based US Rep. Emanuel Cleaver was pushing hatred of white people when black race riots broke out in his city.

Cleaver was one of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus whom alleged DC TEA partiers spit on and called racial slurs. Videos of the incident show that the story is a complete fabrication. However the media continues to report it as if it really happened.

From World Net Daily…

If there was any one individual at the center of the smear of the tea-party protest on March 20 outside the Capitol, it was Kansas City Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

In the original McClatchy report posted 90 minutes after the incident, “Tea Party Protesters Scream ‘Nigger’ at Congressman,” it was Cleaver who uniquely heard the slur and Cleaver who was uniquely spat upon. And so “Spittlegate” was born.

McClatchy’s Kansas City Star ran with the McClatchy story and spread the poison. The following day its normally sober editorial page columnist ratcheted up the already inflammatory reporting by insisting that “some tea-party supporter spat on Cleaver Saturday on Capitol Hill because the U.S. congressman is black.”

Not surprisingly, the message metastasized throughout Kansas City’s black media, unchecked and unchallenged. So toxic had the issue become that Cleaver’s Republican opponent, Jacob Turk, asked me to accompany him to a largely black political breakfast he routinely attends called “Eggs and Enlightenment” to help immunize him against the smear.

I spoke to about 50 people and explained the lack of any corroborating evidence of a slur, the accidental nature of the spit and the media’s interest in scaring African-Americans out of the Republican Party, let alone the tea-party movement.

To that point, black Kansas Citians had been encouraged to think of the tea party as a subsidiary of the KKK, but this was an open-minded group. I received a surprising amount of support for my message.

The kids, however, just get the sound bites. On successive weekends since the Capitol Hill protest, mobs of black youths have been descending on Kansas City’s famed Country Club Plaza, among the most attractive urban shopping and dining venues in the country.

This past Saturday, even the Kansas City Star had to take notice when, according to a Plaza spokesman, some 900 youths roamed the Plaza streets, “destroying property, pushing people as they walked down the sidewalk and spitting on people.”

Spitting on people? The Star does not mention whether the people were spit on because they were white or beaten because they were white or robbed because they were white. In fact, in a 2,000-word summary article, the Star does not mention race in any which way at all.

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