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Kansas City race riot was second in two weeks.

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A small security camera video is being shown on the Kansas City ABC 9 website. It shows a large group of black teenage girls brutally pummeling what appears to be a lone black teenage girl. Notice how the anchor men call the mob, “youngsters,” “kids,” and “teens.” All efforts to downplay the riot and conceal the fact that it was 100% black. The media also calls it a “brawl,” once again trying to downplay the attack. The victim was most definitely badly injured from the vicious assault. It was certainly not a “brawl” and the producers of ABC 9 should be ashamed of themselves for calling it that. Click Here.

The all black mob that rampaged through a mostly white shopping district this weekend was not the beginning. We have now learned that a smaller mob of 200-300 black “youngsters” rampaged through the same area last weekend. This weekend the crowd grew to nearly a thousand. Whereas the first mob mostly yelled at and attempted to intimidate white pedestrians, the larger mob attacked and robbed white pedestrians.

Across the internet, Kansas City resident are posting horror stories about the rapid deterioration of Kansas City and the exploding level of black violence.  Residents are predicting a “long, hot summer,” a code phrase for black race riots.

Indeed, April is extremely early for blacks to be rioting. Not to mention black race riots even earlier in Philadelphia,  Seattle, and probably other places we have not even heard about. In New York City, the murder rate is up 25% despite the harshest winter in 30 years. The overwhelming majority of New York City murders are committed by racial minorities, with blacks at the forefront.

This is an extremely disturbing turn of events and could foreshadow massive black race riots this summer. The time of year that riots normally occur.

The media seems to expect it it as well. The effort to suppress and censor major news stories is very telling. The media is also lying about the link between crime and the economy. We are told that increases in crime are directly related to the economy. Historically this has been false. American crime fell during the Great Depression. The big difference is that during the Great Depression, America was 90% white and law enforcement and the judicial system did not baby or coddle anyone. Today you have entire police departments afraid to arrest black people for fear of being called a “racist.”

Out of the 750-1000 thugs rampaging through Kansas City the other day, zero were arrested. This is an open invitation for the same mob to commit even worse violence next weekend!

As I’m sure you all remember, we were promised that black people would cease committing crimes and do better in school once Obama was elected. This webmaster had numerous white liberals, even some in-laws, tell me this to my face. Do you think that black people in your city are committing less crime and studying harder in school because Obama is in office?

How has the election of Barack Obama effected the behavior of young blacks in your community?

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