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Kansas City Star Columnist: Blacks looking for ways to intimidate white people.

From Kansas City Star…

As experts decide what to do this weekend, they need to better understand why black youths gathered so quickly and in such numbers at Kansas City’s most pleasant, historic and important shopping area.

The kids who showed up Saturday night came from schools that included — but were not limited to — Raytown and Westport highs, according to police. Both schools have high populations of black students.

And, as of Monday, at least one principal of a local high school was urging his teachers to be on the lookout for any plans by students to gather again this weekend on the Plaza.

Why are the black kids going to the Plaza?

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but one obvious reason: That’s where the crowd of mostly white adults hangs out.

And the youth know their presence will be disturbing to people who aren’t used to seeing so many black kids in one place.