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Looking back on Kosovo. A nation created by Islamic illegal aliens backed by the US army.

US backed army of Albanian Muslim illegal aliens continues campaign of ethnic cleansing against Serbs.

Not only have the Christian Serbs been mass murdered and expelled, the Albanian militias have expelled Gypsies, Greeks and even fellow Muslim minorities like the Turks and Bosniaks.

The campaign to ethnically cleanse minorities in the “liberal democracy” created by the United States.

[youtube 5v3TThXVHrM]

Montage of video clips on Kosovo

[youtube 6l-h6_b8xL8]

Imagine if you will, that heavily armed Mexican illegal aliens launched a bloody uprising in California and claimed the state of California now belongs exclusively to them. Imagine if these militias began slaughtering random whites, Asians, and blacks to trigger a mass exodus of non-Mexicans out of the state. Then imagine that when the US army moved in to restore order, the UN starts dropping bombs on Washington DC and New York City. The bombing does not cease until the US pulls back its military and allows the Mexican militias to do anything they want.

Then the UN declares that California is an independent democracy with freedom for all.

This is exactly what the United States, and a few of our NATO allies, did in Kosovo.