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Major victory in Hungary. Nation swings hard to the right. International media goes ballistic!

As France and Britain deteriorate into welfare states with regular race riots, a movement is underway to save Hungary from the same fate. Jobbik, a Hungarian political party routed deep in family and tradition, has taken 17% of the vote in the first round of Hungarian national elections. The British and French media, co-conspirators in destroying their own nations, are going ballistic. Every single article about Jobbik is pure namecalling and slander, with out any actual facts. Jobbik are simply  called “nazis” over and over and over.

Jobbik, or “Movement for a Better Hungary,” opposes the ceding of sovereignty to the EU and wants Hungarian first economic and immigration policies. Or as the far-left media calls it “reviving the 3rd Reich.”

Jobbik scored 2% in Hungarian national elections in 2006. However the collapse of the French “rainbow nation” dream into weekly race riots has been a wake up call for those in central and eastern Europe. Then in the 2009 EU elections, Jobbik took 15% of the Hungarian vote. They have also been scoring between 12-20% in various regional and municipal elections.

The Hungarian Centrist party received 53% and the Socialist party received 19%. A rival socialist party focusing mainly on environmental issues got 7%.

The Hungarian socialist party has been crushed, and Hungary has made a huge swing to the right. In the 2006 national election, the socialists received 49% and the centrists 42%. Two other left of center parties received about 6% each. Jobbik received 2%.

Europe’s march to the right has been a trend all over Europe for the past couple years. However, the shift in Hungary is very dramatic.

Photo: Jobbik MEPs pose with British National Party MEP Nick Griffin.