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Marxist gang cheers racially motivated murder in Mississippi.

The violent Marxist gang OPP, which has claimed responsibility for a harassment campaign that led to the last American Renaissance conference getting canceled, issued a statement cheering the racially motivated murder of a self-described “white rights” activist in Mississippi.

Richard Barret was an elderly Mississippi resident with a history of filing freedom of speech lawsuits. Also, despite having a Jewish father, his website indicates that he was trying to organize “skinheads.” He was murdered by a 23 year old black neighbor who had recently been released from prison.

Vincent McGee had recently been released from prison after serving three years of a six year sentence. He was living down the street from Barret. Barret was last seen visiting the home of McGee to pay him for doing yard work. Later that day, McGee went to Barret’s house. He brutally beat him, then stabbed him, then set him on fire. Barret was 67 years old.

Numerous far-left websites have written hate-filled diatribes mocking the victim. OPP, which uses an upside down American flag as one of its logos, celebrated the racially motivated murder. They changed the title of their website to “OPP – the website that killed Dick Barret.” And created a large graphic that says “Barret Rot in Hell.” The website states that OPP gang members are “in a state of euphoria” over the horrific killing.

Next to the info about Richard Barret are photos and home addresses of people the gang alleges to be “neo-nazis.” There is a note that includes the provocation “we want to remind people how effective militant confrontations are.”

The OPP website also attacks major conservative figures like Tom Tancredo and Ann Coulter. Anyone to the right of Obama is denounced as a “nazi.”

If anyone on the right was running this site and making thinly veiled threats of violence, the FBI would immediately get involved.

We can truly see who the real hatemongers are.