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Michael Steele to attend Al Sharpton Conference

The GOP’s affirmative action head further insulted the GOP base by deciding to speak at Al Sharpton’s conference. Sharpton is a sleazy race hustler with a history of scandals and association with radical black militants.

During the late 90’s Sharpton co-sponsored Khallid Muhammed’s “million youth marches” in Harlem. This was at a time when even Louis Farrakhan had disassociated with Muhammed because his rhetoric was so extreme. These were extremely militant anti-white events. Khalid Muhammed was famous at the time for his “kill the white man speech” which he delivered to black audiences all over the country. When Muhammed died of a brain hemorrhage, Sharpton personally covered the cost of the funeral.

Below is a video of Al Sharpton’s late BFF Khalid Muhammed

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