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Mtv seeks "Irish stereotypes" in the Boston area for new show.

Mtv, the notorious trash tv cable station owned by Viacom, wants to do to the Irish what it did for Italians in Jersey Shore.

Photo Right: Sumner “Redstone” Rothstein. Poisoning America’s children since his hostile takeover of Viacom in 1987.Viacom owns Mtv, VH1, BET, Nickelodeon, and other networks.


Are you interested in dismantling what’s left of Irish America’s good name in a new sure to be a mega-hit TV reality show?

MTV are looking to cast the East Coast Irish American version of the notorious ‘Jersey Shore.’ You read that right. Plans are already well advanced because they already have a title: ‘Wicked Summer.’

Say goodbye to Snooki and The Situation and say hello to Dorchester, Worcester, Boston and a ‘Wicked Summer’ on the Cape.

The edgy cable music channel is currently casting the show in Boston and is said to be seeking a group of ‘Irish stereotypes’ who’ll be featured on the new reality show each week.

Hmm, I wonder what kind of people they’ll be looking for? Writers, poets, actors, musicians or playwrights?