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Multicultural France about to EXPLODE! Police brace for new race riots in immigrant ghettos.

France has constant race riots from it’s African and Middle East immigrant communities. One of the favorite targets of Muslim immigrants are the Jewish community around Paris. In fact huge numbers of French Jews have been moving out over the past several years to get away from the Muslims. Thousands fleeing all the way to Quebec in Canada.

Now, an Arab and his pet dog were allegedly killed by four Jewish men. The Muslim community claims that the alleged perps are getting special treatment, and are threatening fresh rounds of rioting.

Meanwhile a French synagogue was partially burned down in an arson attack in the French town of Mulhouse over the weekend.

The event comes on the heels of a report from Tel Aviv University stating that violent attacks on Jews in Western Europe has doubled in the past twenty years. The perpetrators are almost always immigrants.

Manif Said Bourarach
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