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New illegal aliens from Haiti flooding US after Obama's backdoor Haitian Amnesty.

Recently Obama has granted a “temporary” open door policy for illegal aliens from Haiti and Liberia. Obama ordered a moratorium on the enforcement of immigration law against these to groups of people. Obama says only illegal aliens already here will benefit, not new illegals. However, we can all see this as an obvious lie.

Haitian illegal aliens who have already been convicted of  crimes committed in the United States were even released from detention centers back into the population of Florida.

Now, just as CofCC predicted, Haitians are doing anything to get to the US. They know that once here, Democrats will let them stay forever.


Now the U.S. Border Patrol says that since January, they’ve caught 114 Haitians for allegedly entering Vermont illegally from Canada. Officials say most of those caught were already ex-patriots living in Canada, and that they may have been trying to take advantage of a temporary ban on deportations that the U.S. enacted following the earthquake. The ban only applies to Haitians who were already living here.

The U.S. Attorney for Vermont says he is NOT treating the cases differently than other cases involving illegal aliens.

Does anyone really think that Haitians “will not be treated differently” in light of Obama’s backdoor amnesty?