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Newsweek continues FREEFALL collapse.

What happens when most of your readers are white people and you print vicious anti-white stories?

Newsweek’s circulation has dropped like a rock for the past few years. Their advertiser base rate, meaning average circulation, has been slashed again. From 1.9 million to 1.5 million.

This is down from 3.7 million in 2007. They have lost almost 60% of their readers in this time!!!!!!

Newseek’s circulation began really free falling when they starting running a pro-Obama cover once a month during the primary and general election seasons. Last November, Newsweek ran an anti-Sarah Palin cover that was even denounced by other left-wing media outlets as being in poor taste.

This means that Newsweek can only get a fraction of what they used to for ads. Most of the money that magazines make come from ads, not sales. Newsweek has already shrank the magazine and slashed staff. We are told that they are giving away free three month subscription to keep the number of subscribers from falling further.

Remember! Any time you see a copy of Newsweek at a barber shop, auto garage, salon, gym, or doctor’s office, urge them to cancel their subscription!

Newsweek is owned by the left-wing Washington Post. Newsweek is losing so much money it is dragging the whole company down!

The Washington Post reported that Newsweek ad revenue decline 37% in 2009 and posted a $29 million loss for the magazine.

That’s $29 million dollars. The Washington Post lost $29 million dollars to promote extreme hard-left ideology. This is up from a mere $16 million dollar loss in 2008.

Today Washington Post stock (WPO) is way off. It spent several years between 700 and 950 dollars a share. Today it is $540 and the Washington Post is calling that great news.