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Newsweek Magazine defends violent black race riots.

This is exactly why Newsweek magazine is rapidly losing it’s readership and is on the verge of collapse as a publication. Newsweek actually posted a column on their website blaming the “media” for making black people look bad over the recent rash of “flash mob” race riots! As you all know, the media has been doing everything it can to censor and hide the race riots.

Remember, Newsweeks’ cover story about “racist white babies?” Well Newsweek continues to lay it on thick. This new article from Newsweek blames the “media” for making black people look bad. As if black people needed any help doing that themselves.

Remember, if you ever see a copy of Newsweek at your barber, salon, or doctor’s office, urge them to cancel their subscription.

From Newsweek…

I’m not looking to excuse their behavior, only to explain how ingrained racial stereotypes kick in to criminalize behavior by black youths that is tolerated in more diverse crowds. [WHAT RACIALLY DIVERSE CROWDS???? NAME ONE EXAMPLE!]

And where is the concerned hand-wringing over the future of flash mobs after tea-party protesters shouted racial epithets at congressmen? Weren’t they prompted to gather in part by social media? [This is your example Newsweek? A story that was proven to be a total hoax. The black congressmen lied and made it up! It’s on video tape. Yet even if this was true, their was still no violence. ]

Time and time again, crimes committed by African-Americans have been presented as the first of a wave of race crimes, only for the phenomenon disappear without a trace. [WWWWWHAAAAAAATT? How about the black murder being 10 times the white murder rate. How about the astronomical rate of black on white crime?]

So why do we have to go through this same song and dance every time black teenagers do something bad? [Why don’t you tell black people to stop doing bad stuff?]

Did I mention these were teenagers? The basic tenets of adolescent psychology teach that teens are narcissistic, moody, confused, and cursed with the inability to resist peer pressure. [Oh gee whiz. That makes it perfectly acceptable for hundreds of blacks to go on a rampage and loot stores and attack white people.]

In a column last year about a study confirming that 70 percent of people of all races harbored an unconscious preference for white people over black people, [Gee, I wonder why?]