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Obama ignores pleas to visit childhood sites during Indonesian visit, then postpones entire trip.

Photo: Muslim school Obama attended. Though Obama snubbed an invitation, school officials say they will still open the school to tourists.

During a planned visit to Indonesia, Obama will be avoiding childhood sites like the plague. Obama, who is super secretive about his past and has already been caught in huge lies, has refused an invitation to visit the Muslim school he attended as a child.

Photo Below: This child Obama statue was erected in anticipation of Obama visiting childhood sites. White House officials say Obama has no plans to do so.

Now Obama has postponed the entire trip to Indonesia. However Indonesian news agencies are running stories boasting of an alleged affinity for Indonesia. News outlets claim Obama has a love for Indonesian shadow puppet plays, has memorized the five principles of Indonesia’s state ideology, loves Indonesian food. Obama has responded by saying he has not memorized Indonesian state ideology. (No comment on Marxist ideology!)

Indonesian news outlets have also made some embarrassing claims about Obama’s childhood. Claiming he was aggressive towards girls in school, and that he broke a classmate’s arm in a “tickle fight.” Obama denies the first claim and says he accidentally broke a classmate’s arm while jointly riding a bicycle, not in a “tickle fight.”

Here is something we know is true. While in college, Obama visited Pakistan using an Indonesian visa and declaring himself a citizen of Indonesia, not the United States. Obama then lied about it during the campaign. At the time of the visit, Pakistan had just passed new laws to encourage Western tourism. Including a new law to allow hotels to serve beer.

Obama also refuses to release his college records. There are several possible reasons for this, all of which would be very embarrassing for Obama. There is speculation that he enrolled in college as a foreign citizen of Indonesia, not a US citizen.

Michelle describes Kenya as “Obama’s homeland.”

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