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Outlandish media double standard on reporting gang crime.

Less than 10% of all gang members in the United States are “white.” Of course some of the people counted as white are actually Eurasian immigrants.

However, whenever non-white gang members are arrested the “mainstream” media censors information on their race. In the extremely rare instances when white gang members are arrested, they get 100 times the media coverage and the media screams that they are white over and over.

Alleged members of a white gang were arrested in Hemet, California. They are believed to be responsible for selling meth and setting a series of failed booby traps for police officers.

Hundreds of media outlets ran headlines like “White gang members arrested.” Or “White Supremacist gang probed,” etc. Of course when the thousands upon thousands of black and immigrant gang members are arrested each year, you will never see a single instance where their race is mentioned in the headline. They certainly are never called “black supremacists” or  “brown supremacists.”

Some articles suggested that the gang in Hemet is connected to white prison gangs in the California penitentiary system. All of California’s prison gangs are divided by race. Most street gangs are also divided by race. As documented by in the past, black and Latino gangs listen to violent racial music. Often with lyrics about killing white people. They commonly get racial tattoos, with “Brown Pride” being extremely common among Latino gang members. Yet, the media never even mentions what race these people are, much less calls them “black supremacists” or  “brown supremacists.”

There are often incidents where the media even outright lies about suspects being white. A while back there was a storm of media articles about a “white supremacist gang” arrested in Orange County, California. When the mug shots of the alleged perps finally became available, CofCC learned that the media had falsified the entire story. Half of the people arrested had been Latino immigrants.

Another famous instance was about ten years ago in the Columbus Dispatch, the daily paper for Columbus, Ohio. The ATF swooped through a Columbus neighborhood rounding up 34 members of a drug gang. 32 of those arrested were black. Two were white. Neither of the whites were leaders of the gang. The Columbus Dispatch picked two and only two mug shots to plaster on the paper. Guess which two they picked? Both of the white mug shots appeared prominently in the paper. None of the black mug shots did. It was an open and deliberate attempt to confuse and distort the entire story to protect the image of black people.