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Race riot in Kansas City, MO. Media censuring story.

The “mainstream” media is censuring a race riot in Kansas City, MO where hundreds of black thugs went on a rampage and attacked random white victims.

According to local police between 750 and 1,000 “youngsters” rioted. Imagine if the races were reversed. THIS WOULD BE THE LARGEST NEWS STORY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Instead it is suppressed, censured, and blacklisted. Even the local media is censuring all mention of race and all photographs from the stories. Police say there were serious injuries, robberies, property damage, yet not a single arrest!

Local authorities are calling it a replication of the Philadelphia “flash mobs.” However these are far from the “artsy” flash mobs started by British college kids, which never resulted in racially motivated violence and destruction.

The Philadelphia “flash mobs” have been a series of all black race riots in which random white victims were beaten and/or robbed. The Philadelphia riots were organized in advance. People are “invited” to the mayhem on black social networking websites like,, and cell phone chain messages.

America is experiencing a nationwide epidemic of vicious black on white racially motivated violence, that is getting worse every day.

What is a “flash mob.”

Here is an example of an actual traditional “flash mob.” Recently in Charleston, SC college students organized a Lady Gaga dance-a-thon flash mob in a public square. Attendees were asked to bring a cash donation the black victims of Haiti’s earthquake.

In Philadelphia, and apparently now Seattle and Kansas City,  the definition of a “flash mob” is when hundreds of black thugs get together to loot stores, break thinks, and commit mob assaults against white people.

The only reason that the media calls these black race riot “flash mobs” is to cover up what really happened!

Photo Left: One of several Philadelphia “flash mobs.” Black thugs stormed and looted a Macy’s department store.