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Radical left-wing UK Daily Mail claims Mulattoes "more attractive, more successful, more gentically fit" than whites or blacks.

The far-left British Daily Mail has a history of fabricating stories to fit their extreme left-wing bias. Now they have really outdone themselves.

A new article suggests that half-white, half-black Mulattoes are genetically superior to whites or blacks. The article claims to have scientific proof, but can not back that up at all. It only makes references to a facebook survey, which it says proves it’s absurd claims. The type of “study” described by the Daily Mail is extremely easy to manipulate to get the results you want. The scientific community would not take it seriously unless it was duplicated over and over by different researches.

The article claims that disproportionately large numbers of Mulattoes at high levels of the US and British business world prove they are “more successfully.” The paper makes no mention whatsoever of the reason. It is because of Affirmative Action, which is a court mandated practice in both nations. Since Mulattoes have, on average, a higher IQ than full blooded Negroes then are first in line for higher level affirmative action jobs. It is no secret that corporations are packing management with Mulattoes to fill their racial quotas.

Being a Mulatto does not make a person “more successful.” It puts them in the optimum position to benefit from affirmative action and racial quotas.

The Daily Mail completely falsifies the writings of Charles Darwin to claim that Mulattoes could be more “genetically fit” compared to both blacks and whites. We have 150 years of actual scientific studies that prove this to be false. Mulattoes consistently perform better than blacks on intelligence tests, but not as good as whites. Even Mulattoes adopted by affluent white foster parents perform lower than their white counterparts.

For more information, there are several major books that deal with this. The Bell Curve by Murray, Paved with Good Intentions, Race by Baker, IQ and the Wealth of Nations, and Race Evolution and Behavior by Rushton.

The Daily Mail claims that Mulattoes are more attractive. It cites a very unscientific facebook survey as proof.  It also points to the large number of Mulatto women on tv as proof. Once again, this certainly does not mean that Mulatto women are the most attractive. It just means that the producers in media are picking Mulattoes over full blooded Negro women. Hollywood and television are putting disproportionately large numbers of non-whites in movies for political reasons. However, there are hardly any dark black women on tv or in movies. The producers have obviously deemed Mulatto women to be preferable to dark Negro women. In fact, most of the top “African-American” actresses and female entertainers are 75% or more white. This certainly doesn’t mean that they are the “most attractive” overall. It just means that the producers think they are more attractive than full blooded Negro women.

In fact, these producers are not the only ones to actively pick Mulatto women over Negro women. Black men seem to do the same thing. Even black magazines like Ebony and Jet rarely put a dark black woman on the cover. Women on the cover are usually over 50% white. Just look at this cover picture to the right. This symbol of “African American” beauty is a green eyed Octoroon with no Negro facial features.

Try it yourself. Type Ebony magazine into google images and look at all the Quadroon and Octoroon symbols of “African American beauty.”

Polls like “most beautiful African American woman” on black websites show the same thing. Usually Mulattoes don’t even win. The black male audience picks women who are over 50% white.

The Truth.

Daily Mail Lie: Mulattoes are more successful than whites or blacks.

FALSE: Mulattoes simply benefit from affirmative action and racial quotas in great disproportion to darker full blooded Negroes. There is no evidence to suggest that Mulattoes are more successful than other races without the dramatic boost they receive from affirmative action programs. In fact, Mulattoes still perform well below white people on intelligence tests.

Daily Mail Lie: Mulattoes are more attractive that whites or blacks.

FALSE: Black men, television producers, and magazine editors greatly prefer light skinned 50%+ white mixed-race women over darker Negro women. This in no way suggests that these women are “more attractive” than non-Negro women.

Daily Mail Lie: The teachings of Charles Darwin suggest that Mulattoes are genetically superior to whites of blacks.

FALSE: This is defamatory libel. Darwin was adamantly opposed to whites engaging in interracial relationships. He believed the offspring of such relationships were a step backwards in evolution.