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Ron Paul, Glen Beck, Michele Bachmann included on new SPLC enemies list.

The extreme left-wing fund-raising hustler known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has declared war on a number of people it claims are at the center of the “patriot movement.” The SPLC, famous for its Soviet Style “lists,” has published a list of 35 “patriot movement” personalities it considers to be its biggest enemies.

These include:

Constitution Party leader Chuck Baldwin. The SPLC denounces him for being a “Christian fundamentalist,” “anti-gay,” and says he writes for a “racist website.”

World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah. The SPLC says his website is “unfair and unbalanced.” As if anything anyone connected to the SPLC ever wrote was balanced. The SPLC doesn’t even have a letters to the editor section of any of its publications.

Gun Owners of America Head Larry Pratt. The SPLC claims that Pratt is lying when he says the Obama administration wants to take your guns. Whhhhhhhaaaaaaatt? Hey SPLC, there are major Democrats who openly and publicly say they want to take our guns. And the SPLC has the audacity to call right-wingers “unbalanced.”

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann. The SPLC actually accuses Bachmann of using the very same tactic the SPLC is most famous for. The SPLC invents completely phony threats to agitate against conservatives. The SPLC attacks Bachmann claiming she is doing the same thing only against the left.

FoxNews Host Glen Beck. Would you believe that the SPLC actually attacks Glen Beck for being wealthy and making a lot of money? SPLC, a non-profit which claims to advocate for poor people, pays it’s top brass 300k a year salaries with large bonuses, benefits, and expense accounts. Multi-Millionaire founder Morris Dees, a former chief fundraiser for Ted Kennedy, receives hundreds of thousands extra each year in bonuses. He lives in a gated mansion with armed guards.

US Rep. Ron Paul. Apparently we are supposed to believe that Ron Paul is a very nasty fellow because of something his newsletter printed 17 years ago! His newsletter advocated against letting Haitians who have AIDS move to the US. WOW! That is some really horrible stuff. His newsletter also called the ATF “jack booted thugs” 15 years ago. Gee, the ATF must have had their feelings really hurt. That is much worse than all the black race hustlers and rap stars who vilify the police.

Just when you thought the SPLC could not get any more absurd! Next the SPLC tells us that all these people are part of the same “patriot movement” as Timothy McVeigh.

Then the SPLC gives us a “timeline” about how the “patriot movement,” of which the above listed people are all ringleaders, got started. We then learn that the whole thing came about in 1992 due to the writings of a Ku Klux Klan leader. (See photo at right.)

Then moving up the SPLC timeline, we see that the “patriot movement” began to snowball by gathering up “neo-nazis,” “racists,” and “anti-Semites.”

The SPLC then claims that a “racist backlash” occurred when Obama was elected resulting in a rash of “hate crimes.” Yeah! hate crimes against white people.

So at this time, the racist, nazi, anti-Semite  “patriot movement” inspired by a kkk leader, begins rapidly morphing into anti-tax groups, TEA party groups, and heavily armed “militias.”

This is really some fantasy. I’m sure MSNBC will be all over this.