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SPLC gives props to

The far-left fund-raising hustle known as the SPLC posted an attack on this website today.


The white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) is well known for showcasing stories on its website that present African Americans in a bad light. Examples this year: “Gonorrhea is now almost exclusively a black disease” and “Black thugs hold white teens captive while raping and torturing them.”

Several people e-mailed us this. It is interesting to note that the CofCC is the number one group the SPLC attacks. However they never dispute the information we put out. They have never even claimed that we put out false information. They simply attack us for telling the truth!

The paragraph above says this is plain English. are bad “white supremacists” for telling the truth. Bad CofCC. Bad, bad!

On the other hand, the staff at has routinely exposed information put out by the SPLC as total nonsense. The SPLC claims it helps law enforcement fight “hate groups.” However many police departments have stated publicly that the SPLC “hate group” lists are totally bogus. With much of the “hate group chapters” being no more than one guy who posted something on an internet website sometime in the past several years.

The SPLC spends so much time attacking the CofCC, because we are effective. Dogs don’t bark at tombstones!