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SPLC issues sham "alert" for "patriot" violence.

The SPLC, a far-left professional fund-raising hustle, issued a fake alert for “patriot movement” violence on April 19th.

This is just SPLC fund-raising 101.

a) Concoct some absurd “right-wing” threat.

b) Claim that only the SPLC can fight such threat.

c) Collect donations from morons, of which only a small percentage actually goes to SPLC projects. The rest goes to outlandish salaries, benefits, and the endowment, aka the “Mo Dee’s Retirement Fund.” That is why the SPLC has routinely been given D’s and F’s by charity watchdog groups.

Meanwhile, virtually all the real politically motivated violence in this country is coming from the left. The main victims of racial violence are white people.

Photo Below: Masked left-wing thugs. These thugs are committing violence across the nation. They use violence and threats to get conservative speakers canceled at Universities. They beat up elderly people at the Health Care townhall meetings. Where is this violent “patriot movement” the SPLC whines about? It doesn’t exist, it’s a fabrication used to raise money for professional con artists.