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The power behind the "New Black Wall Street." (It's white people.)

March was Newark’s first murder free month in 44 years. Record snow storms and cold pushed down murder rates across the Northeast over the past few months. However Newark’s crime rate has also been reduced by a declining population, hiring its first white police chief in decades, and money from white philanthropists to expand its police department and install 100 security cameras.

While Newark’s Green Eyed Quadroon “African American” mayor Corey Booker is being praised as “another Obama,” the real reason for the “black renaissance” in Newark is $100 million in donations from private white philanthropists. Of course you won’t hear these facts mentioned in the “mainstream” media, who portray Booker as having almost magically transformed Newark into the “new black Wall Street.”

Newark has been a dangerous plighted city after white people began fleeing after black race riots in 1967.

With Obama turning out to be a pro-war dud, some suggest that wealthy white liberals and the George Soros crowd are grooming Booker to be the “next African American president.” His campaign slogan could be “even whiter and more articulate than Obama.” It seems that Booker is a dream come true for disingenuous white liberals.

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