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Trivia Question of the Week!

What prominent “civil rights leader” drives a Rolls Royce Phantom (Base Price $300,000)?

Click below for answer:

It’s race hustler extraordinaire Al Sharpton! He’s “keepin’ it real y’all” just like all the oppressed black “ganster rappers” listed below.

Only 4,900 Americans have purchased a Rolls Royce Phantom since it came out in 2003 with a base price of $300k.

The car seems extremely popular among gangster rappers. Al Sharpton joins gangster rappers and “hip hop” stars Snoop Dogg, Fifty Cent, Jay Z, Fat Joe, Rev. Run, Juelz Santana, Bishop Jordan, Lil Wayne, and Nelly in driving one. As well as “hip hop” record and clothing mogul Russell Simmons.

What do you expect? You can’t advocate for the “poor and downtrodden” unless you drive one of the most expensive cars in the country.