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Tusk and Putin honor victims of Soviet Massacre in Katyn Forrest together.

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk attended a memorial for the Polish victims of a Soviet massacre 70 years ago. They arrived together after laying flowers at the crash site where the Polish president perished on his way to the event.

Putin’s attendance marked the first time a Russian head of state has recognized that the Katyn Forrest massacre, where the Soviet security apparatus mass murdered the Polish officer’s corps and other members of the Polish intelligentsia.

In Soviet controlled post-WWII Poland, it was a serious crime to say that the Soviets carried out the killings. It was officially blamed on the Nazi regime, even though forensic investigators from Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, and other four other nations had already examined the bodies in 1943 and declared the Soviets to be responsible.

[youtube -g8JmVmEPjA]