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Two women brutally beaten in racially motivated attacks.

In Obama’s hometown of Chicago two beautiful white ladies were the victim of horrific racially motivated attacks. A black male thug attacked them both with an aluminum baseball bat.

Stacy Jurich was a recent college grad and Natasha McShane an Irish lady attending college in Chicago. They were heading out for a night on the town to celebrate Stacey’s positive work review. They were brutally attacked in a parking lot with an aluminum baseball bat. Both ladies were left unconscious laying in pools of blood.

While the woman’s purses were also taken, the overriding motivation appears to be a desire to cause severe harm to the women.

This horrific racially motivated attack is being censored by the “mainstream” media. It is only receiving bare minimum coverage. Imagine if the races in this story were reversed. It would be the largest news story in the United States for days. Despite promises from left-wing whites that black people would commit less crime if Obama was president, black crime has sharply increased in cities like Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, NYC, and others.

American seems to be gripped in an orgy of brutal, horrific black on white racially motivated attacks. The media, which can’t stop talking about “how white” the TEA parties are, never ever discusses black crime.