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UK Daily Mail admits how leftism has screwed up England. Prescribes even more leftism to fix what it has already broken.

According to the UK Daily Mail, a militant hard core left-wing paper itself, the English people are so afraid of being called a “racist” that they won’t even fly their own flag. Yet, the schizophrenic English left now wants people to fly the flag to combat “racism.”

First it was “racist” to fly the flag. Now they want everyone to fly it to combat “racism.” Will the insanity of the extreme left never end???

Photo Right: BNP members proudly display their English flags!

From UK Daily Mail…

England is the least patriotic nation in Europe as people are too scared of being branded racist to fly the flag.

Over-the-top political correctness, loss of national identity, and worrying about being judged when expressing pride in the country are the main reasons behind the findings, according to a study.

Six per cent of Englishmen and women said they were ‘scared’ to fly the national flag and one in six fear they will be told to take it down.

Just one in three knew St George’s Day was on Friday and more than 40 per cent had no idea why he is the patron saint.

The statistics emerged from a report commissioned by This England magazine, which took in the opinions of 5,820 adults in nine major countries.

Editor Stephen Garnett said: ‘We’re incredibly disappointed that English people are afraid of displaying the St George’s Cross on our patron saint’s day.

‘We want to reclaim the flag from extremists by asking as many people as possible, no matter what background they come from, to fly it.

‘People who love living in England shouldn’t feel afraid of showing their pride.

‘The more we display the St George’s flag, the more we can drown out the voices of the extreme minority and reclaim the flag as a sign of national pride, not racism.’