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Viacom suing YouTube for $1 Billion. Is a war between Viacom and Google good for free speech?

Viacom, a media conglomerate owned by Sumner “Redstone” Rothstein, controls Mtv, VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, BET, and other assets.

Viacom, which started out as Mtv and Nickelodeon, is the undisputed king of trash tv and radical left-wing programming aimed at children. Mtv in particular is famous for its constant promotion of interracial (usually white women with black men) relationships.

Viacom has already made a reputation for aggressively policing YouTube for video clips of its tv shows. Now Viacom has filed a $1 Billion lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company Google.

Even if Viacom does not win any money, tech experts say that Google/YouTube trade secrets will be exposed to competitors in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also highlights another question. Can television survive the internet in its current form? With only a few mega-conglomerates controlling 95% of what we see on tv and read in newspapers and magazines, many see the internet as a godsend to break the “mainstream” media monopolies. Especially since the media moguls like Redstone, Eisner, Brofman, and Asper are all hard-core leftists. Even Murdoch, who owns Fox News, is very left-wing. His newspaper empire in Australia and Europe are equally as left-wing as America’s conglomerate owned dailies.

If Google is hurt by the lawsuit, even better say some who think Google has become way too big. Google recently began censuring right-wing viewpoints on some of the services it owns. The more competition there is on the internet, the better free speech will be protected.

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