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Whaaaaa??? US Jewish groups denounce Arizona while ignoring aggressive right-wing anti-immigration laws in Israel.

Photo Right: Israel Deputy Prime Minister, and leader of the Druze Minority, Ayoub Kara. Now he is guy who knows how to protect a border!

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Illegal aliens from Africa attempting to enter Israel often shot and killed by Egyptian border patrol. The Egyptian government says it is under intense pressure from the Israeli government to stop illegals.

Israeli is currently building a massive wall along their Egyptian border to keep African illegals out. Click Here.

Those who make it to Israel, are immediately apprehended and deported by the Israeli authorities. After the failure of the original batch of Ethiopian immigrants to “assimilate” into society, Israeli has banned all African immigration. Ethiopian women on welfare are given free depo-provera injections. A low cost, highly effective birth control injection. The injection is designed to be given four times a year. It also generally takes 6-8 months for the women to become fertile again after injections stop. Al Jazeera, the far-left Quatar network run by ex-BBC employees, claims that Israeli doctors lie to Ethiopian welfare moms to get them to take the injects. This claim remains unproven. However, the birth control campaign is aggressive enough that Ethiopian birthrates in Israel have plummeted to in the past few years. Click Here.

While Israel allows guest workers visas, these immigrants must sign a statement saying they will not attempt to have sexual relations with Israeli women! Even prostitutes! (Reported in the UK Guardian 2003) These guest workers are aggressively deported if they become unemployed or overstay their visa.

Ayoub Kara, the deputy Prime Minister of Israel supports legislation to strip “disloyal Arabs” of their Israeli citizenship. The deputy Prime Minister! He has argued for this legislation of the floor of the Knesset!

Yet, the JTA, the International Jewish news wire seemed to gleeful report that American Jewish organizations are lining up to denounce Arizona over it’s border enforcement law. Click Here.

The militant left-wing Jewish “Anti Defamation League” is among the groups attacking Arizona. At the same time the ADL is practically a full time lobbying group for Israel.

Can anyone say Hypocrisy??? The same Jewish groups who praise and defend ultra-nationalist Israel are attacking border enforcement in the United Sates.