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White People living under siege in South Africa.

While Anika Tikkie Smit was home sick and her parents were at work, blacks invaded her home. She was gang raped and tortured to death. Her father found her in a pool of blood with her hands sawed off. In many parts of Africa, militia groups cut off body parts as trophies.

Across South Africa, white people are targeted at random for horrific crime on a daily basis. Meanwhile, leading ANC officials sing “Kill the Boer” in public. It is nothing short of organized genocide.

Below is an old photo of the ANC. The sign reads, “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer.” Today, the ANC has realized their dream and their followers are actively mass murdering whites. White farmers are especially targeted.

As recently as January of 2010, ANC allied groups chanted “kill the Boer” outside of the Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School. Recently a South African court banned the song “kill the Boer,” but ANC officials have vowed to keep singing it.

Recently, major media outlets in the United States covered a story about four white South African college students making a video that pokes fun at black people. We were told how horrible and “racist” this is. However, when blacks mass murder whites in horrific ways it is not reported. When blacks line up in front of a white high school and threaten the entire student body with murder, this is not news.