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White players dominate NCAA Championship.

Two majority white teams came in first and second place in the NCAA. Duke, the winner, may be the whitest team in the entire NCAA.

Duke was widely denigrated by sportscasters at the beginning of the tournament. Some news outlets even ran stories saying that majority white teams were unlikely to get far in the tournament. Imagine for a second a major news outlet in the US openly predicted that blacks will fail at anything. The shrill cries of “racist!” would commence immediately. However, it is perfectly fine to denigrate white people.

Even now, a search on google news shows many major media outlets still trying to spin the Duke basketball team in a negative light.

The staff at did find one sports commentator that was very open and honest about disliking Duke for being too white.


These are the things I was taught as a kid, the things that I confirmed as I grew into being able to watch and understand sports on my own. And while obviously I could recognize the exceptions to the rules and appreciate the diversity in every sport without seeing things in such black-and-white terms, some lessons don’t go away. To this day, I’m prone to root for NFL teams with Black coaches and/or Black quarterbacks, and perk up during a Major League Baseball game when one of the few Black men is up to bat or pitching.

Naturally, the racism extends to basketball. Way before White Men Can’t Jump, I was taught that White men could shoot. And if there was any brotha who preferred the ’80s Boston Celtics over the “Showtime” Lakers, or Duke to the Georgetown Hoyas, it was nobody I was raised around.

Tonight’s NCAA national championship game will be a watershed moment for sports racists like myself. When Duke and Butler tip-off with up to five White players on the court, it’s going to be like Glory Road in reverse. Hoosiers. but if the big bad Black team from the city was watching the state title game from the stands while Hickory High played its crosstown rivals from East Hickory. (And don’t get it twisted, Hoosiers was as much a movie about race as Rocky.)

From Yahoo Sports

He’s been cursed by fans from North Carolina and taunted in road arenas throughout the ACC. Still, the chant that Duke guard Jon Scheyer remembers the most occurred during an AAU game back in high school.

Time and time again as Scheyer dribbled up the court, the opposing coach stood on the sideline and barked orders to his players.

“Get the white boy!” the coach said. “Get the white boy!”

Scheyer was the only non-African-American on his team.

“Obviously,” Scheyer said, “he was talking about me. I had a number and a name [on my jersey]. But instead it was ‘Get the white boy!’ “

No one, though, was ever able to stop Scheyer from reaching his potential.

Not at his Chicago-area high school, where he led his team to a state championship. Not at Duke, where he earned first-team all-ACC honors. And not in Indianapolis, where Monday’s NCAA title game between the Blue Devils and Butler has taken on an unfamiliar look.

Five white players could be on the court at tipoff. That’s the most since 1998, when six white players started in the Utah-Kentucky final.

Gordon Hayward and Matt Howard – two of Butler’s top players – are white. So are five of Duke’s top seven players.

Even though the race issue isn’t discussed in polite company, it’s been the subject of hushed conversations at the Final Four and will be obvious to anyone in attendance or tuning in at home. The subject is so taboo that even Larry Bird bristles when it’s brought up.

The Blue Devils, who have been described as “alarmingly unathletic,” powered past West Virginia by 21 points in Saturday’s national semifinal.

Hayward and Howard managed to lead small school Butler to victories over three Top 15 teams en route to a berth in the championship game.

Negative stereotypes about lack of speed, agility and leaping ability are being challenged.