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90% of black owned farms failing in South Africa.

South Africa is following Zimbabwe’s lead into oblivion.


South African Land reform minister Gugile Nkwinti says 90% of the farmland it has given to Blacks to run are failing, and may be forced to repossess the properties if they continue to not produce.

The ANC-led government has bought nearly 60,000 sq km (23,000 sq miles) of land from farmers under the “willing-buyer-willing-seller” program, and given it away to Blacks who allegedly suffered under apartheid.

“The farms – which were active accruing revenue for the state – were handed over to people, and more than 90% of those are not functional,” Nkwinti told the BBC last March.

The ANC set a goal of buying and redistributing a third of White-owned land, but now has to scrap the plan and focus on training the Blacks who now farms on how to run them.