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Another elderly man attacked in vicious racially motivated assault.

America is gripped in an orgy of brutal black on white racially motivated violence that is being censored in the “mainstream” press. If the races in this attack were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the country.

From WJZ…

An elderly man was surrounded by seven young men who punched him and demanded money as he left a Glen Burnie barber shop.

Suzanne Collins reports police arrested all of them as they ran toward a nearby light rail station.

At the Headquarters Barber Shop in Glen Burnie, Tommy and Earl are still shaken. Their 72-year-old customer was attacked in the parking lot by seven young men as he left with a new haircut Tuesday afternoon.

“They were all standing there and said, `Hey, white boy, give us your money.’ He’s 72,” said barber Earl Barnes.

“I yelled for Earl. I said, `Earl, they’re hitting Jim!'” said Thomas Carper. “I was scared. I called 911.”

The barbers say the same seven young men came into the shop several times asking about haircuts just before. After the assault, police chased them to the light rail station. Everyone was arrested.