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Another politically correct NBC Miss USA pageant. Another affirmative action winner.

NBC elected their latest affirmative action “Miss USA.” A Lebanese immigrant who is a practicing Muslim.

The high point was Miss Oklahoma stating that she is a strong believer in “state’s rights.” NBC’s producers were probably outraged that she didn’t give a politically correct answer.

Five of the past nine winners of the NBC “competition,” in which many of the judges are unqualified celebrities, have been minorities. Miss USA 2002, 2007, and 2008 have all been very light skinned Mulattoes. Miss USA 2003 was half Dominican and half Puerto Rican, and very fair-skinned for someone of that background. 2010 is a fair-skinned Arab. NBC uses the “competition” as a means to promote diversity (but no one too dark!).

If you’re a super light skinned racial minority your odds of winning Miss USA appear to increase astronomically.

[youtube DadWzASo_So]