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Buffalo prosecutor refused to charge blacks with "hate crimes" in near fatal racially motivated assault.

As many as a dozen black thugs became angry when they saw a white man with a black girlfriend and attacked them. The victim, 19, suffered severe head and face injuries. The perps screamed racial slurs the entire time.

A few of the perps have been caught, but are only being slapped on the wrist. The media has completely censored the story outside of Buffalo. Had the races been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the US!

Despite calls from the public to add a “hate crime enhancement” charge, the prosecutor declared the case “heinous” but not a “hate crime.”

This is a perfect example of the EXTREME hypocrisy and blatant discrimination in the application of hate crimes charges. Of all the violent crimes involving a white and a black, whites are the victim over 90% of the time. In fact, blacks commit slightly more violent crimes against white victims than fellow blacks.

Yet we see that blacks who attack whites are astronomically less likely to be charged with a “hate crime.”

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