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CBS National News runs pitty party for illegal alien welfare queen with 10 kids.

CBS News is reporting that 100k illegals are fleeing Arizona. If this is true it only vindicates what conservatives have been saying for five decades. It only takes a small amount of enforcement to get large numbers of illegals to “self-deport.”

During Operation Wetback in the 1950’s, thousands of illegal aliens were rounded up and deported. Hundreds of thousands self-deported on their own once deportations were in full swing.

Look at this national news report from CBS. It starts out by wanting you to feel sorry for an illegal alien couple who have “thrived” in Arizona for 15 years. It claims that they are hard-workers. Then in the same article it says they are both unemployed and have ten kids. Nice going CBS.

In other words, we are supposed to feel bad for two illegal aliens who in all likelihood have been chronic welfare abusers and emergency room abusers for the past 15 years. Between free schooling, free medical care, and whatever countless other benefits they have received, they have undoubtedly cost Arizona taxpayers and private charities hundreds of thousands of dollars. I suspect the family is living in a section 8 as well.

This is how illegals “thrive.”

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