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CNN calls for diversity brainwashing of five year olds.

Another study shows “racial bias” is normal and healthy. Lefties want more brainwashing at an earlier age to combat it. Maybe this is why CNN’s ratings keep falling like a rock, and hardly anyone is watching the network any more. Currently Fox News has more viewers than CNN, CNN Headline Prime, MSNBC, and CNBC put together!

CNN completely misrepresents the “historical 1940’s doll test.” The “experts” carried out the exact same test in Jamaica and had the exact same results. The Jamaican portion of the study was completely omitted to falsify the conclusions when presented as evidence for Brown vs. Education. CNN also promotes the myth that black children must have lower self-esteem caused by whites. This is patently false. Dozens of scientific journals have reported study after study showing that black children have HIGHER self-esteem than both white and Asian children.

If you watch the entire segment you will see that CNN strategically edits their footage to portray whites in a negative light and blacks in a positive light. They downplay the fact that very young blacks give the same answers as very young whites in reverse. Preferring their own race and skin color. Instead CNN only shows older black kids giving “programed” politically correct answers they have been taught. Only two excerpts are presented here.