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online casino catches Think Progress in yet another blatant lie. (yawn)

Think Progress is run by former Clinton White House staff secretary, Obama transition team chief, and self-described “real life Fox Moulder” John Podesta. When he isn’t speaking at ET conferences, he is helping left-wing presidents ruin America and propagating fictional stories on his “Think Progress” website.

Recently Think Progress has re-written the Times Square attempted bombing into a fantasy where Muslims are the “heroes’ and not the perpetrators.

The t-shirt vendors who called police have been all over the news. Yet Think Progress claims that two Muslim immigrants from Senegal, selling photographs next to the t-shirt vendors, “alerted police first.” Yet the source Think Progress uses for this contradicts their own claim. Another vendor who is an immigrant from Senegal told a reporter that he saw the smoke but DID NOT ALERT POLICE, because he didn’t want to use his cell phone minutes to dial 911. Of course 911 calls are free and do not use minutes. The Senegalese immigrant told the reporter that he notified the other vendors. His story is most likely a lie, because it conflicts with all other accounts. The two Senegalese immigrants just didn’t want to look like two lazy jerks, who would have stood there and let the car blow up in their face, to the reporter.

By the way, Podesta has yet to make good on his promises of exposing the secret US Government cover-up of extra terrestrial visitors.