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Does Kagan appointment threaten political backlash against Jewish people?

From the webmasters’ desk.

Jewish organizations and Jewish newspapers columnists are praising Kagan far and wide, but few are even discussing the potential backlash against Jewish people her ascension could cause.

Making up 2% of the US population, Jewish political power is at an all time high in the US. The Supreme Court is 22% Jewish and Kagan would make it 33% Jewish. The US Senate is 15% Jewish and the US House is 7.6% Jewish. All Jewish Senators caucus with the Democrats and many are ranked among the most extreme left. You essentially have two, Lieberman and Specter, considered to be left of center moderates. Then you have Franken, Schumer, Boxer, Fienstein, and Sanders who are all recognizable icons of the extreme left. Only two of the 33 Jewish US Representatives are Republicans. Source. (The same lists are published in Forward magazine, the largest Jewish publication in the world.)

To be frank, a Supreme Court that is 44% white Gentiles, 0% Protestants, and 33% Jewish appears eerily similar to the post-Bolshevik Revolution Soviet Union. The early Soviet government was dominated by minorities. Jews, followed by Georgians, held positions in extreme disproportion to their numbers. According to a recent study done by Tel Aviv University, 38.5% of the senior leadership of the Soviet security apparatus in the mid 1930’s was made up of Jews. This at the height of when the Soviet Union was slaughtering its own people. Source.

The disproportionate rate at which Jewish people provided funding and leadership to Marxist movements, particularly in Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Bavaria, Lithuania, and others, led to the greatest and most violent anti-Jewish backlash in European history.

I am shocked that so many major Jewish publications and organization are celebrating the possible ascension of a third radical left-wing Jewish person to the Supreme Court.