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High level Department of the Interior director resigns over oil spill.

The oil spill in the gulf has brought to life what may be the biggest example of mass Federal incompetence since the 9/11 attacks.

According to USA Today, the Department of the Interior took in $107 Billion from taxes on offshore drilling in the past twenty years. During that time, the Feds spent a whopping $127 million on research into oil cleanup. Meanwhile it began slashing safety protocol around 2005. This continued when Obama’s people took control. Under Obama, the Deep Horizon was even given a “safety award.”

Read USA Today Article.

Chris Oynes, the top Interior Department official who oversees offshore oil and gas drilling for the Minerals Management Service, announced Monday that he will retire on May 31, The Washington Post has learned.

Oynes, who has overseen oil and gas leasing in the Gulf of Mexico for 12 years before being promoted to MMS associate director for offshore energy and minerals management, has come under fire for being too close to the industry officials he regulated.

Remember folks, the same people who can’t deliver the mail on time, screw up your property tax each year, can’t tell if someone hasn’t paid income tax in ten years, looted every government fund, ignored specific warnings on 9/11 from a dozen foreign intelligence agencies, completely botched the cash for clunkers program, and refuses to close the border will now be handling all your health care needs as well.