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Chicano duo directing big budget violent movie about Mexicans killing politicians and law enforcement in Arizona.

According to online sources production of this began when the Arizona house passed its new enforcement bill. The movie features illegal aliens, as the heroes, killing white Arizona politicians and law enforcement.

The original script called for the movie to take place in Texas, but it was switched to Arizona specifically to be a slap in the face to white conservatives.

The movie is being produced by Quentin Tarantino and others. The trailer you see below was released days ago. To come out with the trailer so fast, parts of it are from a previously made “fake trailer” created to go with a previous double feature horror movie package by Quentin Tarantino. New footage, including scenes with big names Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba have been added. The scenes are explicitly anti-Arizona and anti-whites. The original “fake trailer” is politically neutral by comparison.

According to online gossip sites, Machete was originally going to be a $5 million low budget film to be part of a second double feature horror package. However, the movie has been expanded to a $20 million stand alone to capitalize on current events.

The movie itself will be directed by “Mexican-American” Robert Rodriguez and Hispanic Ethan Maniquis. Rodriguez is also the writer. Rodriquez says he cut the Cinco de Mayo trailer to protest the new law in Arizona. Rodriguez is a typical race hustler. While fanning hatred against white people he is married to a woman with blond hair and blue eyes.

The movie will be distributed to theaters by 20th Century Fox. A spokesman for Fox says that a less controversial version of the trailer will be submitted to theaters in the new future.

Along with Tarantino, Aaron Kaufman, Rich Swartz, and Llana Nikolic are producing the film. Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, and Michelle Rodriquez are starring. Big name actors like white hating miscegenist Robert De Niro, and Liberal Jewish born “Buddhist convert” Steven Seagal will appear in the film according imdb.

The new Machete trailer has anti-Arizona and anti-white segments added. Released on Cinco de Mayo, 2010. The movie is expected to be in theaters in September of 2010.

Warning. These trailers are not suitable for children. Compare the Cinco de Mayo trailer for the actual film to the original “politically neutral” trailer made years ago.

Original “fake trailer.” This trailer is politically neutral by comparison. It was originally intended to be a low budget $5 million feature to be part of a two feature horror movie package.

[youtube R10ljA0-sHs]

The new Cinco de Mayo trailer. Now a high budget stand alone major motion feature packed big name stars and vicious anti-America and anti-white rhetoric and imagery. The radical Chicano movement teams up with the cultural Marxists in Hollywood to create this theatrical assault on white America.

[youtube HmjcFBquzo4]