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Illegal aliens use open border to pump US full of deadly new heroin.

Heroin from Asia is generally 5% pure and must be injected. Mexican drug cartels have perfected their cultivation of poppy plants to create an ultra-pure and ultra-cheap heroin that can be smoked. So strong that deaths from heroin overdoses have multiplied in the US. Most of the heroin is 40%-50% pure. However, quality control is so poor that 90% pure samples have been found. Addicts used to Asian heroin are dropping dead, sometimes within seconds, after injecting Mexican heroin.

Articles about this new heroin have flooded internet news feeds. However, the “mainstream” US press is silent! Desperate to protect the image of illegal aliens, the US “mainstream” media is not even reporting an American story that is major news in Canada, England, and other parts of the world.

Photo Right: Obama grovels to Mexican president and pledges to keep the border wide open to illegal aliens.

Photo Bottom Right: A Mexican picks poppy plants. Mexican drug cartels employ the same professional cultivation techniques used in California to increase the THC content of Marijuana to increase the output of poppy plants. This has led to Heroin that can be manufactured dramatically stronger and cheaper than previous types of Latin heroin.

From UK Daily Mail…

A potent wave of cheap heroin which can kill users before they pull the syringe from their veins is spreading across America.

Drug smugglers are selling the ‘black tar’ substance for as little as £7 ($10) a bag, raising concerns that its cost will widen its appeal with addicts.

The heroin – named for its dark, gooey consistency – which is being grown in Mexico and Colombia and taken to the U.S., is so pure, it can kill unsuspecting users instantly.

Black tar and other forms of the drug are behind a rise in the number of drug overdose deaths as it attracts a new generation of users who are caught off guard by its potency.

In suburban Chicago’s Will County, annual heroin deaths have nearly tripled from 10 in 2006 to 29.

Patrick O’Neil, coroner in the town, said: ‘We found people who snorted it lying face-down with the straw lying next to them.

‘It’s so potent that we occasionally find the needle in the arm at the death scene.’

Authorities are concerned that the potency and price of the heroin could widen the drug’s appeal, just as crack did for cocaine decades ago.

The substance comes in the form of black tar or brown powder, and it has proven especially popular in rural and suburban areas.

Originally associated with rock stars, hippies and inner-city junkies, heroin in the 1970s was usually smuggled from Asia and the Middle East and was around 5 per cent pure.

The rest was ‘filler’ such as sugar, starch, powdered milk, even brick dust. The low potency meant that many users injected the drug to maximise the effect.

But in recent years, Mexican drug dealers have improved the way they process poppies, the brightly colored flowers supplied by drug farmers that provide the raw ingredients for heroin, opium and painkillers such as morphine.

Purity levels have increased, and prices have fallen.

Federal agents now commonly find heroin that is 50 per cent pure and sometimes as much as 80 per cent pure.

The greater potency allows more heroin users to snort the drug or smoke it and still achieve a sustained high – an attractive alternative for teenagers and suburbanites who don’t want the HIV risk or the track marks on their arms that come with repeated injections.

Harry Sommers, the agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency office in St Louis, said: ‘That has opened up heroin to a whole different group of users.’