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Left-wing CT AG and US Senate candidate lied about serving in Vietnam.

CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is running for the US Senate seat being vacated by Chris Dodd. Since at least 2003, Blumenthal has been telling crowds that he served in Vietnam.

It has been brought to light that he did not. He took five deferments. Two of his deferments were for college and graduate school. The other three were hard to get and controversial “occupational deferments.” These deferments, known as 2-A, were for occupations of needed for the ““national health, safety and interest” of the United States. Historically these deferments are given to police officers and fire fighters. However, Blumenthal’s first 2-A deferment was to be an assistant to the editor of the Washington Post! His other deferments were to be an assistant to a Nixon White House adviser.

He then landed a job in the Marine Corps conducting drills and organizing community service projects in Washington DC. A job he was probably given due to political connections.

Profiles on Blumenthal contain other lies. Claims that he was captain of the Harvard swim team are untrue.

Between 1981-1986 Blumenthal says he was “a volunteer legal counsel for the NAACP.”

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