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Mexico is brutal to their own illegal aliens.

Left-wing extremists at the UN attacked Arizona over its new enforcement law. They called the law “discriminatory.” Yet America is more generous to illegal aliens than all or most of the other nations of the world.

Take Mexico. Illegal aliens from Guatemala, Honduras, and others are often beaten, raped, and robbed when crossing Mexico’s southern border illegally. They are then thrown in prison. The Mexican government routinely buses them to the Rio Grand and drops them off, making them America’s problem.

Foreign nationals are banned from receiving any kind of government services. In fact, injured American tourists are routinely denied emergency care in Mexico until their families can wire transfer payment in advance.

This same Mexican government demands the right to send its citizens to America. It even publishes comic books with instruction on how to illegally cross the US border.

From KGUN…

What does the Mexican consulate have to say about that? Consulate officials ducked KGUN9’s cameras. After learning what KGUN9 News wished to discuss, the consulate’s only comment was, “No comment.”

Amnesty International fights for human rights and has harsh criticism for the way Mexico treats illegal immigrants on its southern border, calling it a human rights crisis. A just released video documents the treatment of borders crossers in Mexico that includes rape, murder and torture at the hands of gangs and Mexican officials.

According to KGUN9’s research, foreign nationals in Mexico have to have their papers with them. Local police can assist with immigration arrests and illegal immigrants can face prison time of up to two years in prison.

The State Department keeps track of which foreign cities arrest the most Americans. For all reasons combined, 4 of the top 10 cities arresting Americans are in Mexico.