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Murder rate way up in Minneapolis too.

Minneapolis is only 17% black, however the state has a particularly high black murder rate. Blacks commit murder at about 11 times the national white murder rate. Despite promises that black crimes would go down with the election of Barack Obama, Minneapolis appears to have joined the list of cities where black crime is shooting upward.

White stripper killed by black drug dealing pimp described as an “ex-boyfriend.” No shock there. The twist is that the perp took two other white people with her.

Maxwell, a black drug dealing pimp is believed to be responsible for the murder of three white people in Minneapolis. The killing spree started with a former white “girlfriend.” The girl being a stripper.

The stripper began dating the CEO of a local ball bearing company named Brian Fischer. Both the stripper, Maxwell, and a third white victim were murdered by Maxwell in a killing spree. Maxwell then killed himself. He is the father of nine children.

Somali teenager charged with killing three people in Minneapolis.

Two Somali immigrants tried to rob a store in Minneapolis. A customer tried to stop them and was shot and killed. The pair then fled, only to return moments later to shoot and kill the two more people. The second and third victims appear to have been killed merely for the fun of it.

Here is the twist. The actual age of vicious thug Mahdi Ali is supposedly unknown. Defense lawyers say the teenage monster should be slapped on the wrist as a juvenile because he might only be 15. A forensic dentist has been called in to determine in the thug is 16 or over based on his teeth.

Look at the picture at the right. Does this look like a child?

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I suppose I will be called a “racist” for pointing out that the perp in this murder is also black. The city of Minneapolis is only 17% black. However the black murder rate in Minnesota is about 11 times highers than the national white murder rate.