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Obama saves BP from cleanup bill, says taxpayers will foot the bill instead of oil giant.

The American public, NOT BP, will pay for the cleanup under Obama’s new plan.

Instead of holding BP accountable for paying for the cleanup Obama wants to pass the bill to the American public. Obama’s new plan is to levy a new tax on the entire oil industry to pay for the cleanup. This means that the American public will be paying this tax in the form of higher prices at the pump, not BP.

The new tax will come in the form of an increase in the “oil spill cleanup” tax levied on barrels of oil. The tax was originally created to make the public bear the burden of paying for the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez spill.

Remember when all the liberals were screaming about Bush “being in bed with big oil?” It seems that Obama is an even bigger friend. His plan will save BP untold Billions. Obama seems to have broken all promises to the “Green” movement as well. Quietly signing off on 25 new offshore drilling sites SINCE the explosion of Deep Horizon, which has yet to be contained.

Obama’s plan calls for the NEXT company that creates a disaster, not BP for this disaster, to pay up to $10 Billion for cleanup.

Notes: BP states that it is currently spending $17.5 million a day for cleanup and to settle claims. However for the first quarter of 2010, BP posted a $93 million a day profit.

After the Exxon disaster in Alaska, Exxon was ordered to pay $5 Billion in damages. After twenty years of haggling, the US Supreme Court reduced the bill to $500 million. The site of the Exxon disaster reeks of oil to this day.

For eight years we heard the “mainstream” media editorialize constantly about Bush and Cheney being “in bed” with big oil. Now the same “mainstream” media is praising Obama for passing BPs cleanup bill to the US public.