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Obama's AG speaks to extreme left-wing ADL.

The militant left-wing ADL, which states on their website that Arizona’s enforcement bill is “unfair” to illegal aliens, hosted Obama’s white hating Attorney General Eric Holder.

Sighting another completely discredited far-left group, the SPLC, Eric Holder spoke of fictional threats and the need for “hate crimes laws” to fight them.

Of course, Eric Holder completely ignored reality in his speech. The vast majority of racially motivated violent crime is committed by minorities. Holder mentioned one “African American” man whom he says was “terrorized” by two whites. He does not mention the tens of thousand of white victims of violent black crime every single year!

The ADL is the leading advocate of censorship in the United States. The group makes “hate filters” that censor mainstream conservative websites as “hate sites.” The CofCC sued three publicly libraries in Federal Court to keep such filters from being used.

The ADL exploits the suffering of Jews during WWII as a weapon to promote left-wing causes. However, ADL Director Abe Foxman claims that the Christian holocaust in Turkey and the 1930’s Ukrainian holocaust were byproducts of war and “not deliberate acts of genocide.”