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Residents of South Lansing remove basketball hoops after racially motivated assault on a 57 year old man.

Notice: Since the initial story broke, the basketball hoops already have been torn down. Local black race hustlers are now accusing the white residents of “racism.” Apparently, when someone does not want out of town black thugs to scream profanities and attack people in their neighborhood it’s “racism.” When black thugs brutally beat someone in a racially motivated group assault, that is not “racism.”

A 57 year old man was brutally beaten in a racially motivated attack in his own backyard by black thugs. Residents say that public basketball hoops were attracting thugs and demanded they be torn down. Residents say that their own children were terrified to even use the basketball hoops because larger numbers of non-resident blacks were chase them off. (Remember how we were told that young blacks would start behaving once Obama was elected?)

If the races were reversed this would be a major national story. Instead it is quarantined to the local news and even the local paper deliberately censored all mention of race. The only place were residents actually heard the truth about this vicious racially motivated assault was on local talk radio.


The beating of a 57-year-old man Saturday night in his own backyard has led residents of a south Lansing neighborhood to demand that the city tear down basketball hoops at a nearby park, which they say attract problems.

At about 6 p.m. Saturday, police say half a dozen men from that basketball court severely beat Larry Ruble in his backyard.

Maureen Ruble said she and her husband were attacked after he asked the men to stop using foul language. She estimated the men were in their 20s. They were not from the neighborhood, she said.

The backyard of the couple’s home on Sunrose Avenue, just south of Jolly Road, is separated from Bluebell Park by a fence. A man standing near the fence was shouting obscenities to the others on the basketball court, Ruble said.

“My husband just went to the fence and asked him very respectfully, ‘This is a family neighborhood here, can you cut the language?’ ” she said. “He didn’t even get it out of his mouth, and this guy jumped the fence.”

Then, she said, about five others from the basketball court jumped the fence into their backyard, where moments before the couple had been grilling chicken. Ruble said she was pushed to the ground.

As others on the basketball court cheered them on, the men beat and kicked her husband until he was nearly unconscious, she said.