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Science Daily: Whites have lowest instance of MAOA-L Gene, which is linked to aggression, violence, crime, and sexual abuse.

American black males are twice as likely than American white males to have MAOA-L which has been linked to crime, violence and aggression in scores of studies going back over fifteen years. Black males are also 13.5 times more likely to have a rare version of the gene associated with “extreme violence and extreme aggression.” Latinos and American Indians are also nearly twice as likely as whites to have the more common version of the gene. However they are only about one fourth as likely to have the extreme version compared to blacks.

New scientific techniques have brought to light exactly how the so-called “warrior gene” named MAOA-L works. New studies using MRI show how brain activity in those who have the MAOA-L gene differs from those without it.

Studies have linked the gene to increased levels of sexual violence, alcoholism, crime, and even higher levels of credit card debt. However, very little is said about it outside of scientific journals. The reason is obvious. Many articles published on the gene even state that it has serious implications concerning race and ethnicity.

Whites, usually referred to in euphemisms like “westerners,” are said to be less likely to have the gene than other groups. One third of whites have MAOA-L, while groups usually only identified as “others” have instances of two thirds or higher. It has also been suggested in scientific journals that whites may be less affected by the gene than “others.”

In fact, researchers have even censored their own findings on race and MAOA-L! Others have faced hostility from the University community for mentioning which races have the highest rates. Source.

What’s more, even less is said about some of the even rarer extreme forms of the gene. Most people with MAOA-L have the “3 allele repeat version.” There is a rarer “2 allele repeat version” that is usually described as “associated with extreme aggression and extreme violence.” Several studies have concluded that 1% or less of all white males in the United States possess the dangerous 2 allele repeat version. Meanwhile a study of “non-white Americans” showed that the extra dangerous version occurred in 6% of non-white American men. One lone study from 2006 tested tested blacks alone and found that 13.5% have the extra dangerous version of the gene. Source.

MAOA-L, which causes low activity of the metabolizing enzyme monoamine oxidase A, is spoken of in euphemisms when it comes to ethnicity. However, already it has been used in court cases in the US, Britain, and Italy. In Italy lawyers claimed an Algerian immigrant should get a lighter sentence for stabbing a Columbian immigrant to death, because his DNA contains the MAOA-L gene. The judge agreed and reduced the defendants sentence. Source.

Already, we have leftist college professors making declarations like “if African Americans have higher rates of MAOA-L, than that should be a factor in sentencing!” The hypocrisy of these leftists is deafening. On one hand they will say that the “races are all equal,” then demand special treatment for blacks for a “genetic deficiency” in the same breath.

Article from Science Daily.