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CBS station blasts BP subcontractors for doing almost no actual work.

A CBS affiliate said they were bombarded with calls that BP subcontractors were just loitering on the beaches and not actually cleaning anything.


News 5 watched a clean-up crew hired by BP to pick up tar balls in Orange Beach and found out the men only worked about an hour within a four-hour time-frame. We put our cameras up on a hotel balcony and watched the men gawk at sunbathers, talk on cell phones and joke around more than actually working. We set up the investigation after receiving countless phone calls and emails about how many clean-up crews are slacking on the job.

The men took a two-hour lunch break and when returning for lunch, shoveled tar for about five minutes then took a 15 minute break.

We confronted the crew supervisor. He says they’re required to work 15 minutes then take a 15 minute break. News