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Chicago to get $25 million in Federal tax dollars to fight "school violence."

Remember when schools used to receive zero dollars to fight violence? Remember when public schools did not even have any security guards, and principals just spanked students that got out of line?

Chicago’s public school system is about 91% non-white, with students from all over the world. Instead of being a strength, diversity has brought violence and decay to the city schools. Only half of Chicago’s public schools students even graduate!

African-American: 45%
Latino: 41%
White: 9%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 3.6%
Native American: 0.2%

Now here is a bombshell for you. Whites make up 9% of the student body and Asians, less than 4%. However, whites and Asian make up 50% of Chicago students who go on to get a bachelors degree.

Only 3 out of every 100 black or Latino students go on to get a bachelors degree. Chicago spends a staggering $11,500 per student a year. It seems the more money that is spent on a school, the worse the results. Many private schools operate on $3k-$5k per student and perform at a level that well exceeds their local over-funded public schools.

From Chicago Sun Times…

Mayor Daley today unveiled plans to use $25 million in federal economic stimulus funds to save “lost” students at Chicago Public high schools and expand the reach of three programs aimed at combating school violence.

The cornerstone is a $10 million mentoring program for 1,500 high-risk students at 13 high schools. Currently, 250 students get the special attention.

Mentors drawn from 20 community organizations chosen by a selection committee will begin tracking down troubled students this summer — even if it means going to their homes or showing up in juvenile court, according to Schools CEO Ron Huberman.

They’ll be available to their proteges 24 hours a day to place them in jobs and other “constructive activities,” serve as their advocates in school and in court and line up tutoring and social services.

“These are students who have, almost in every case — no meaningful adult relationship. These are the students [who] are lost. No adult has engaged them, so they’ve been out on their own,” Huberman told a news conference at Hirsch Metropolitan H.S., 7740 S. Ingleside.

“When you … don’t give them adult intervention, and they don’t feel loved, you get the results you would expect. They’re engaging in violence. They’re engaging in activity that is both a danger to themselves and a danger to others. This program is about those kids.”

The remaining $4.7 million will launch a previously-announced community watch program in 13 high schools identified by the Chicago Police Department as having high crime and active gang conflicts.

Most of the money will be used to pay 390 community “watchers” hired through 14 community organizations. There will be 20 to 30 monitors per neighborhood assigned to designated safety routes during arrival and dismissal times. They’ll have two-way radios to communicate with police and school officials.

In case you missed that, let me repeat. The city of Chicago is going to use $10 million dollars of your federal tax money to try to prevent 1,500 “at risk” students from committing violence. That is $6,667 per student!!!!

Then $4.7 million for a community watch program. Since when do people have to be paid to watch their community? There was a time when Americans volunteered to do this for free.