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CofCC National Board Member responds to anti-white hatred in Watertown Daily News.

Vicious anti-white hatred in the Watertown Daily

The article about the SUNY “study” was grossly one sided and full of vicious, anti-white hatred that is easy to disprove. The paper went on to specifically attack the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) with absurd allegations.

Black women do not die at a younger age, because of anything white people do. In fact, blacks living in the United States have a higher life expectancy than any blacks living in a black run nation! Living around white people increases the life expectancy of blacks.

Black women, do however, die younger for a large number of reasons. It is well documented that white women on average, eat healthier, exercise more, are less likely to be obese, and much less likely to be extremely obese.

Further, the high rate of black crime contributes greatly to stress, chronic health problems, and premature death among blacks. According the Department of Justice, black males are nine times more likely to commit murder than whites. The Journal of Issues in Nursing also reports that blacks are also nine times more likely to commit domestic violence towards a woman. In 1997 The National Black Women’s Health Project identified the battering of women as “the number one health issue for African American women.”

Even Jesse Jackson, the former right-hand man of Martin Luther King, publicly stated that black people cause blacks more stress than white people cause. He said that when he hears footsteps behind him late at night, he is “relieved if he turns around and sees a white person.” Even the militant Louis Farrakhan recently stated “we can no longer blame white people for our problems.”

Since, as data from the DOJ shows, blacks commit 55% of all violent offenses against members of another race, blacks also cause whites, Asians, and others a great deal of stress as well.

Further, hundreds of studies since at least the 1950’s show that blacks have higher self-esteem than other Americans. Asian people have the lowest self-esteem. A recent study published by the American Sociological Association states “black adolescents consistently have higher self-esteem than white students.” The journal states that self-esteem cannot explain achievement gaps between blacks and whites.

The Liberal Arts department of SUNY is stocked with hard-core Marxists who publish this vitriol against white people to advance their extremist agenda.

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Kyle Rogers
CofCC National Board Member